Field Engineer

Paramaribo-Suriname, Suriname

The position of the Field Engineer, also known as field service engineers, is tasked with managing technical functions, testing equipment, handling repairs, managing engineering projects, and conducting site inspections. They also engage with clients, ensure compliance, conduct feasibility studies, and apply technical knowledge to practical problems.


Conducting site visits, monitoring schedules, and supervising technicians.

Running field operations, offering technical support, and troubleshooting on-site issues.

Ensuring on-site efficiency and safety at all times.

Estimating costs, approving project designs, and preparing contracts.

Analysing data, monitoring expenditure, and drafting progress reports.

Overseeing equipment testing, maintenance, installation, and planning.

Mitigating risk, ensuring compliance, and evaluating environmental impact.

Directing staff, contractors, engineers, and other on-site personnel.

Meeting with clients and stakeholders.

Drafting and submitting reports to superiors and other key individuals

The successful candidate must possess the following:

A bachelor's degree in engineering relevant to our industry.

At least 2 years of experience in a field-related role.

Excellent problem-solving skills backed by solid technical knowledge.

A versatile and service-oriented mindset.

Good understanding of safety guidelines.

Great communication skills.

Technically savvy and computer literate.

Strong multitasking abilities.

Analytical and critical thinking skills.

Ability to work under pressure and complete tasks in a timely manner

Must Have | Capabilities

Excellent crisis management skills: ability to act quickly with confidence while exercising sound judgement.

Strong time management skills: able to handle multiple tasks, set priorities, and meet deadlines.