Georgetown, Guayana

The Manager – Operations reports directly to the Board of Directors of the Company. 


Represent the Company in a professional, ethical and socially responsible manner. 

Establish, manage and maintain good business relationship with principal suppliers.  

Administer management reporting, budgeting and forecasting activities for all Sales and Service unit members. 

Establish and implement new procedures to enhance productivity, efficiency and customer service within the Sales and Service work unit, in accordance with the Company policies. 

Review and complete annual business plan for Sales and Service unit members as per their clients and solutions.  

Review quarterly revenue targets, performance, conduct monthly Sales and Service Team meetings. 

Responsible for the execution of the annual planning meeting for the Sales and Service Unit members.  

Ensure timely and accurate completion of monthly reports to vendors as per their request. 

Develop and maintain clients plant outage/upgrade project management schedule. 

Manage and forecast Principals commission orders and resolve unapplied commissions. 

Update clients contact information with Unit Administrative Assistant. 

Ensure Clients/Representatives hosting are properly planned and executed. 

Schedule Principal visits for on site and off site meetings or training sessions.  

Responsible for acquiring, checking and storage of demonstration units. 

Organize and distribute product catalogs, CDs, technical information and marketing business development materials for Sales and Service unit members and clients. 

Transition Sales and Service Unit Members into new Solution Champion Roles. 

Liaise with other Managers to ensure issues relating to Sales and Service Unit members are resolved.  

Formulate and administer company policies 

Direct and coordinate activities relating to Finance, Human Resources, Administration, HSEQ, Information Technology and Operations.  

Develop Budgets and ensure Departments adhere to them. 

Report to Management on all Administrative and Support functions. ▪ Provide Management information to Management for Strategic Planning 

Perform other job-related duties as directed by Management. 

 Other Functions: 

Use effective public relation skills to obtain information and to maintain a positive Company image with the customer and public.  

Must have neat, clean appearance and represent the Company in a professional manner, interacting with the customer in a pleasant and friendly way. Must comply with Company uniform policy.  

Ability to speak clearly and avoid miscommunications.  

Ensure strict confidentiality on all company business and duties performed. 

Closing date for submission of resumes is Monday, August 7th, 2023.