AB Seaman

Georgetown, Guyana

Able- Bodied Seaman

We are currently seeking a capable and experienced Able-Bodied Seaman to join our maritime team. In this role, you will contribute to the success of our operations, ensuring the safety and efficiency of maritime activities.


 Execute assigned duties related to deck operations and maintenance.

 Participate actively in safety drills and emergency response procedures.

 Assist in navigational duties and maintain a vigilant watch while at sea.

 Operate and maintain survival craft equipment.

 Perform routine inspections and maintenance of deck machinery.


 Basic Safety Training and Security Awareness.

 Valid TBOSIET Certification and Seaman's Book.

 AB Book/License.

 Deck Rating II/V.

 Navigational Watch-keeping III/4.

 Survival Craft Certificates.

 Minimum of two years' experience in a similar role.

DEADLINE: January 24th , 2024

Interested persons can submit their applications to our office at 211-212 New Market Street , Georgetown or via our website www.eldoradooffshore.com or via 

email recruitment.gy@eldoradooffshore.co