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Chef (Onshore)

Georgetown, Guyana

 We are looking to hire a commendable Executive Chef to manage our kitchen staff and to resolve kitchen issues swiftly. The Executive Chef attracts and retains staff, maintains a cooperative relationship with team members, optimizes staff productivity, and serves as a replacement in team members' absence. You will train staff to use new recipes, cooking techniques and equipment, and oversee cooks performing food preparation. You will oversee the delivery of food supplies, prepare special dishes, and supervise overall kitchen operations during dinner service. To ensure success you will ensure your team delivers high-quality, cost-effective dishes promptly. Top candidates are creative, service-oriented, and level-headed.

Executive Chef Responsibilities:

• Ensuring promptness, freshness, and quality of dishes.

• Coordinating cooks' tasks.

• Implementing hygiene policies and examining equipment for


• Designing new recipes, planning menus, and selecting plate


• Reviewing staffing levels to meet service, operational, and

financial objectives.

• Hiring and training kitchen staff, such as cooks, food preparation

workers, and dishwashers.

• Performing administrative tasks, taking stock of food and

equipment supplies, and doing purchase orders.

• Setting and monitoring performance standards for staff.

• Obtaining feedback on food and service quality, and handling

customer problems and complaints.

Executive Chef Requirements:

• 2+ years of culinary education.

• 5+ years of experience in a similar position.

• Advanced knowledge of food professional principles and


• Proficient knowledge of human resources management.

• Excellent knowledge of BOH systems, ordering and inventory.

• Excellent communication skills.

• Ability to meet deadlines.

• Available to work on-call, shifts, after hours, over weekends, and

on public holidays.

Applications to be submitted no later than 13th February, 2023