Georgetown, Guyana

We are looking for a short-term contract Chief Engineer to work with our client offshore. The Chief Engineer will be responsible for the vessel's engines and services and assist the captain in operating the ship by the company regulations and expectations. Ensures that all maintenance workers have the appropriate competence, training, and abilities to fulfil their duties; assists and trains personnel in operation and maintenance of equipment. Evaluate and provide reports regularly. 


·       Responsible for all scheduled and unscheduled maintenance, repair and administration of all shipboard equipment and machinery, including the hull

·       Responsible for accurately maintaining maintenance logs for all vessel-related equipment, such as engine room equipment, mechanical and electrical, deck machinery and equipment

·       Responsible for the day-to-day activity of the Engine Room department onboard directly or through delegation, and the supervision thereof

·       Responsible for all reporting and history updating into the planned maintenance schedule

·       Responsible for the upkeep of relevant machinery surveys and certification

·       Maintain current and complete vendors’ manual for all vessel-related equipment

·       Ensure, through uniform stock & quantity control, that adequate inventory and level of spares is always maintained

·       Inform the Master when there is any doubt about the quality of the potable water

·       To be familiar with all Company procedures, including the Safety Management System, applicable to his duties


                ·       DP Licence

                      ·       Previous experience as a Chief Mate.

                     ·       Proficiency in personal survival Techniques

                     ·       Personal Safety and Social Responsibilities

                     ·       Courses Endorsement Certificate

                     ·       Compressed Air Emergency Breathing System CA-EBS

                     ·       Seamans Book

               ·       BOSIET or TBOSIET Card     
                                                                                       The Closing date for the submission of resumes is March 25, 2022