Georgetown, Guyana

We are looking for a short-term contract Chief Mat. The Chief Mate is responsible for the day-to-day activities of the deck crew. The Chief Mate acts as second in command of the vessel and is in charge when the captain is not on the helm. This position will oversee vessel navigation and supervise cargo operations. Other responsibilities include maintaining the cargo gear and cargo and checking the deck crew's emergency and firefighting equipment.


·       Supervise the crew in their daily duties at the captain’s direction.

·       Assist the Captain in ensuring the crew’s maintenance, safety, welfare, equipment, and cargo under his control.

·       Schedule and supervise all work in the deck department.

·       Coordinate with the engineer and assign crew to perform duties in the engine room when required.

·       Maintain vessel records including but not limited to:

·       Vessel and barge condition reports.

·       Maintain communication with appropriate company offices to communicate changes in schedule, customer information, arrival and departure times, and any accidents, injuries, or environmental issues.

·       Ensure that charts, navigational aids, safety manuals, vessel operations plan, barge, and tug documents are on board the tug, readily available and up to date.

·       Direct loading and unloading at destinations, including but not limited to landing selection, lines placement, ramp placement, and lighting as appropriate.

·       Ensures correct cargo is loaded and unloaded safely and that cargo is stored correctly.


·       DP Licence

·       Previous experience as a Chief Mate.

·       Proficiency in personal survival Techniques

·       Personal Safety and Social Responsibilities

·       Courses Endorsement Certificate

·       Compressed Air Emergency Breathing System CA-EBS

·       Seamans Book

·       BOSIET or TBOSIET Card

                                                                         The Closing date for the submission of resumes is March 25, 2022