Georgetown, Guyana

                             The Facilities Assistant will be responsible for the execution of the day-to-day activities of Facilities Department inclusive of general inspections, minor maintenance, and contribute to the application of effective facility management throughout the company.   

                            1. Execute scheduled maintenance set by Team Lead – Facilities.

                            a. General maintenance duties at Head Office 

                            b. General maintenance duties at Staff Property 

                            c. General maintenance duties at Warehouse 

                            d. Property maintenance for Orbis Caribbean Clients.

                            e. Support in all minor jobs and HVAC air conditioner maintenance for all facilities

                            f. Maintaining grass at all Ramps properties monthly. 

                            2. Maintain inventory control and distribution of all supplies

                            a. Assist in stationery, cleaning, and sanitation supplies distribution. 

                            b. Maintaining and packing of storage rooms/areas.

                            c. Maintain tools inventory.

                            3. Direct system implementation, coordination, and adherence of

                            a. Waste management program such as recycling and the Spill response plan.  

                            b. Risk Assessments

                            c. HSSEF Policies and Procedures

                            d. Formulate HSSEF committee meetings

                            e. Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) Inventory and distribution

                            f. Conduct and facilitate audits from internal and external parties.

                            4. Support maintenance, repair, and servicing activities of company vehicles:

                            a. Ensuring Weekly Washing of Vehicles.

                            b. Ensuring all servicing and Maintenance is done on time.

                            c. Ensuring all repairs to vehicles are done effectively and efficiently.

                            5. Conduct facilities Inspections and audits on: 

                            a. Buildings’ structures to determine the need for repairs or renovations.

                            b. Critical Equipment (air conditioners, generators, Etc.)

                            c. Company vehicles

                            d. Safety Equipment (smoke detectors, fire extinguishers, fire alarms, Etc.)

                            e. Vehicle Inspection sheet files

                            f. Upkeep of equipment to ensure functionality and safe operation.

                            6. Assist in Facilities management ensuring HSSEF compliance.

                            7. Support Custodians when needed

                            8. Any other duties that may be required.

                            QUALIFICATIONS AND EXPERIENCE:  

                            ·         A minimum of seven (7) subjects CSEC, inclusive of Mathematics and English. 

                            ·         Background in construction will be an asset. 

                            ·         Background in electrical works, plumbing and facility maintenance.  

                            ·         Must be computer literate. 

                            ·         Must be the holder of a Valid Driver’s License 

                            ·         Defensive driving certified.

                            HSSEQ RESPONSIBILITIES:

                            ·         Maintain standards of safety and comply with Company’s Health, Safety & Environment Management System requirements.

                            ·         Observe all health and safety rules and regulations.

                            ·         Stop all work if any unsafe conditions exist or unsafe practices are observed.

                            ·         Report any unsafe conditions or practices to your Team Lead/Manager. 

                            ·         Understand how to perform jobs assigned in accordance with operating procedures and/or work instructions.

                            ·         Do not undertake any job you do not understand – ask your immediate Supervisor once there is any doubt.

                            ·         Wear and use all safety equipment required to ensure the safe execution of the specific job.

                            ·         Participate in mandatory toolbox meetings, safety meetings and training sessions (internal and/or external) as required. 

                            ·         Report all incidents immediately to your Team Lead/Manager. 

                            ·         Cooperate during incident investigations so that the incident causes can be determined, and corrective action taken.

                            ·         Tag and report all defective tools or equipment immediately.

                            ·         All staff are to adhere to the guidelines stated in the Policy Manual.



                            ·         Enjoyable to work with - especially with direct team members.

                            ·         Highly reliable - your supervisor and co-workers must have confidence that when assigned a task, you will get it done in a timely manner with a high quality of work.

                            ·         Management of time and tasks – can work on multiple tasks, meet KPIs, reorganize and work on high priority tasks, handover tasks when going on leave.

                            ·         Able to meet deadlines. 

                            ·         Problem analysis and problem-solving skills. 

                            ·         Excellent communication skills

                            ·         Critical thinking

                            WORKING CONDITIONS

                            ·         Physical demand – Office and Field Base

                            ·         May attend virtual or in-person trainings, workshops.

                            ·         Will be required to be on site visits from time to time (Warehouse, Company properties/locations.