Facilities Manager

Georgetown, Guyana

 The Facility Manager is responsible for planning and overseeing safe, secure, cost-effective and environmentally-sound operations and maintenance of a mega or large facility or group of facilities in one or several countries, aiming to preserve the long-term value of the assets. The Facility Manager ensures a consistent professional image for the facility or facilities. This person implements systems for tracking costs associated with facilities management. With line management, the Facility Manager develops and tracks specific site-base facility management key performance indicators, targeting cost reduction.


Candidate’s duties may include the following:

  • Supervise the Facility Management organization and assist line management in preparing budget estimates, tracking costs, establishing permits and license requirements, and selecting contractors.

  • With Supply Chain, HSE and Legal, help prepare contracts and negotiate revisions to contractual agreements.

  • Implement quality control programs using LEAN methodology to standardize and optimize facility performance in line with the Global Facility Management strategy.

  • Participate in planning, designing and executing modifications to facility infrastructure, and assessing and reporting impact on performance. Ensure timely involvement of the engineering and construction teams.

  • Plan and supervise facility management services including operating systems, maintenance processes, repairs and improvements, custodial services and security.

  • Coordinate maintenance activities within the various functions and departments to optimize utilization of personnel and equipment. Recommend cost-saving measures including new sources, substitutions, improved systems or methods, service quality and safety.

  • Coordinate contract specifications.

  • Manage Shared Base Support services.

  • With line management, coordinate campaigns aimed at maintaining a professional facility image.

Minimum Qualifications and Requirements:

  • Degree holder - Civil Engineer or mechanical or industrial engineer or Architect background

  • Min 8 years of experience in operations & maintenance of industrial facility with at least 2 years in a managerial role

  • Strong Health and Safety experience (working at heights, pressure, mechanical lifting etc)

  • Contractor Management experience

  • Managing of quality & budget for projects


 Deadline: October 7th 2022