Georgetown, Guyana


Have you recently graduated from University and have an interest in the field of HSSE? We are looking for energetic and talented interns to join our internship program. 

Duration of program – 6 months

Who Qualifies for the Program?

Recent graduated from university (Preferable OSH, Environmental or Engineering) with little or no working experience.

Objectives Of Program

  •      Equip trainees with technical skills and knowledge within the HSSE field.

  •      Equip Trainees with a comprehensive practical experience in a setting where learning is the primary objective of the experience.

  •      Assist the trainees development of employer-valued skills such as teamwork, communications and attention to detail.

  •       Expose the trainees to the environment and expectations of role and Company.

  •       Enhance and/or expand the trainees' knowledge of a particular area(s) within the Company.

  •      Expose the trainees to professional role models or mentors who will provide them with support in the early stages of the program and provide an example of the behaviors expected in the trainee's workplace.


Goals of Trainee (Skills to be Acquired)

1.       Cognitive Development Goals

·       To apply knowledge and skills related to the concepts, principles, and methodologies of one’s major or discipline and liberal arts education (i.e., connecting theory to practice).

·       To acquire new knowledge in a new setting to enhance classroom education.

·       To integrate or synthesize knowledge from diverse disciplines, courses and areas of experience.

·       To apply higher order thinking skills (critical thinking, analysis, synthesis, evaluation, complex problem solving) to “real world” situations


2.       General Skill Development Goals

·       To develop skill competencies specific to an occupation or profession.

·       To expand oral and written communication skills.

·       To increase skills for understanding and working with people of diverse backgrounds and cultures and to work effectively within diverse environments.

·       To acquire additional interpersonal communication and interaction skills.

·       To develop skills to work effectively within formal and informal networks and work cultures.

·       To further develop observation, recording and interpretation skills.

·       To develop skills needed for effective citizenship.

·       To acquire skills in leadership