Georgetown, Guyana

BASIC FUNCTIONS: Receive, store, and issue parts from stock room. Keep records and compile stock reports.


1. Verify inventory computations by comparing them to physical counts of stock and investigate discrepancies or adjust errors. Store items in an         orderly and accessible manner in warehouse.  Mark stock items using identification tags, stamps, electric marking tools or labeling equipment.          Pull needed parts for operations or international orders and ship to applicable locations.  Determine proper storage methods, identification, and         stock location based on turnover and physical capabilities of facility.

2. Receive and count stock items and record data using computer.  Pack and unpack items to be stocked on shelves in stockroom.  Compare

        merchandise invoices to items actually received to ensure that shipments are correct.

3. Take inventory or examine merchandise to identify items to be reordered or replenished.  Requisition merchandise from purchasing and

        production departments based on available space, merchandise on hand and customer demand. 

4. Generate reorder requirement reports and provide to purchasing and production departments.

5. Adhere to company policies, procedures, and ethics codes.

6. Perform other duties as assigned by management.


1. High school diploma or a bachelor's is preferred.

2. Requires mathematical skills that require the ability to add, subtract, multiply and divide and perform metric conversions Skills: Speaking, Active         Listening, Basic Computer Skills

3. Requires good oral and written communication skills in order to interact with employees.

4. Proficiency in utilizing a computer and applicable programs.  Microsoft Office experience is a plus.