Georgetown, Guyana

The Mud Logger oversees the delivery PSD to customers in a safe, efficient, and dependable manner. He or she should be able to identify opportunities for improving service delivery, implement standard work, and manage risk while providing service. He/She will monitor the well in order to provide timely and accurate information to our customers; maintains sensors, equipment, and data acquisition equipment; and delivers high-quality data to the customer at the wellsite.



These responsibilities are activities that correspond to the metro stops and key processes.


Perform Service


Prepare Field Deliverables


Remove and Secure Resources


Deploy and Position Resources


Prepare Resources


Verify Resources


Capture Field Data


Obtain Customer Acceptance of Delivery


Evaluate and Reconcile Resources


Implement Risk Response


Prepare Final Job Deliverables


Deliver and Archive Final Job Deliverables


Prepare Job Invoice Supporting Documentation


Verify and Prepare Resources at Product Line Location


Additional Responsibilities


Ensure job deliverables are accurate and delivered on time.

Monitor, record, and process well data and parameters, ensuring the integrity and reliability of well data.

Compile the End of Well Report, ad hoc reports requested by customers, and daily reports. Interact with personnel and customer representatives from other service companies professionally at the wellsite.

Maintain confidentiality of customer well data.

Identify opportunities to improve the service delivery process. Participate in job risk analysis and continual improvement programs.

Wear PPE and observe HSE policies