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Project Geologist

Paramaribo-Suriname, Suriname

The Project Geologist controls, directs, and participates in mineral exploration projects. The primary objective of the position is for the successful advancement of projects assigned. Secondarily, the Project Geologist will generate ideas and concepts to generate new projects.


·        Be able to evaluate geologic data, including core samples, well logs, and seismic data, to identify potential mining sites.

·       Be able to interpret drilling results to determine the location of mineral deposits and other subterranean features.

·        Be able to conduct fieldwork to identify potential environmental hazards such as erosion or flooding.

·        Must prepare reports about geologic findings and recommendations for action.

·        Be able to examine rock samples for evidence of chemical elements such as carbon, oxygen, hydrogen, and nitrogen.

·   Must conduct laboratory tests to identify minerals from rocks, soils, and other samples.

·        Must conduct surveys of land areas to identify mineral deposits, possible hazards, and other characteristics of interest.

·  Must conduct geological research to help locate new sources of energy or minerals such as gold or silver.


·        A Bachelor’s degree in Geology, Earth Science,                        Geophysics, or a related field.
·        3 years’ experience in the Mining Industry


• If you meet the requirements, please submit your application in English with accompanying certificates to

• Important: Please include the job title in the subject of the email to support your application.

• All candidates must be fluent in English.