Senior Mechanical (HVAC) Engineer

Georgetown, Guyana

As a Senior Mechanical (HVAC) Engineer, you will be working on a large number of multidisciplinary projects in which you work together with a team on often complex issues as well as working on installation concepts within a building, feasibility studies or specific energy consultancy studies. You will collaborate with a project leader and engineers from other disciplines on a particular project. 

The successful candidate must possess the following:

·       At least 6 years of relevant work experience and a passion for installation technology;

·       Minimum HBO work and/or thinking level;

·       Willing to think further about possible innovations;

·       Curious about possibilities and improvements in processes and working methods;

·       Being in contact with the customer and various stakeholders and knowing how to enthuse people;

        ·       Analytical, conceptual and communicative skills.

Successful Candidates may be stationed in the Netherlands