CFT Technician (Field)

Georgetown, Guiana

Our client in Energy sector is looking for a CFT Technician (Field). The successful applicant will ensure that the mud tool and CFT are inspected, rigged up and operated according to the job specifications and the Company quality and safety standards. 

Roles & Responsibilities:

  •       Perform Inspections of equipment (i.e. proper size packer cup & gauge ring, space out, drill pipe connection, valves, etc.)

  •       Ensure that proper rigging techniques are used.

  •       Ensure that all safety devices are installed and functioning properly.

  •       Verifies torque on top drive connection.

  •          Assist driller in filling pipe.

  •       Instruct driller and rough necks on running and safety procedures.

  •       Rig down of CFT after completion of job and get them ready for return shipment to shop.


  •       Verifies mud levels in pipe.

  •       Keeps track of pipe tally.

  •       Keeps track of fluid displacement for gains or losses


  •        Preferably - High School diploma


  •        Competent Mud Tool Technician (Field).

Special Knowledge and Skills:

  •           Completion of training requirements as established by Company (i.e. Hands-On and Classroom if applicable).

  •           Ability to handle all appropriate job related tools and equipment.

Physical Requirements:

  •           Ability to occasionally lift, carry, push and pull up to 80 pounds; occasionally lift and carry up to 50 pounds and push and pull up to 80 pounds. 

  •         Ability to occasionally walk, climb, balance, stoop, kneel, reach, finger and twist upper body; frequently handle, feel and use eye-hand coordination and eye-hand/foot coordination; occasionally use foot control; and occasionally sit, crouch and crawl.

  •         Ability to demonstrate near and far acuity; depth perception and color definition.

  •        Ability to use senses of taste, smell, hearing and touch.

  •        Ability to wear respiratory protection.

Working Conditions:

  •           Working sporadic work hours of 40 hours per week, overtime as it arises, & being on 24 hour call per day.

  •           Performing work in workshops, outside, and on land, inland and offshore rigs.

  •          Occasionally having to drive to and from job-site.

  •           Frequent exposure to extremes of outside work, heat, cold and noise; mechanical, electrical, explosion and fume/odor hazards.

  • Must wear Personal Protective Equipment such as but not limited to: safety glasses, goggles, face-shields, work gloves, hearing protection, uniforms, etc.

    Closing date for submission of resumes is Tuesday, April 05, 2022.