Georgetown, Guyana



The Team Lead – Real Estate Operations is responsible for the growth and management of all property listings in the portfolio, meeting the sales and rental targets and building the Company  brand. 


1. Build and manage a network of local real estate agents to provide new property listings.

2. Set weekly, monthly, and annual goals for agents to work towards track goals by meeting with agents regularly.       

3. Work with internal teams to ensure that status of listings are current and track progress

4. Develop and use mathematical models to rank and prioritize listings.

5. Set monthly sales and rental targets and manage the pipeline of a transaction from start to finish

6. Meet with prospective clients to build relationships and close on deals

7. Work with the Head – Real Estate to create commercial & technical proposals for prospective clients and government agencies to sell our property and procurement services.

8. Create and oversee annual/monthly operating budgets for Marketing in collaboration with the Head – Real Estate

9. Research and implement new products/services to enhance the customer/client experience at all touchpoints

10. Ensure our engagement strategy reflects the core values and needs of the local population

11. Build brand awareness in collaboration with internal communications team

12. Develop and update Standard Operating Procedures. (SOPs)


A Degree in Management, Leadership, Real Estate, or a related field. 

A minimum of three (3) years in a similar field.  

Knowledge of local housing regulations or guidelines.

Knowledge of real estate industry news, issues, and trends.

Proven leadership and management skills of small to medium-sized teams.

Technically savvy with the ability to learn and use our operating platform (LASER). 

Experience evaluating, negotiating, and executing service contracts is preferred.

Customer-centric with a warm demeanour, positive attitude, and collaborative spirit.


Assist with coordinating and managing tasks within the Department in the absence of the Head.

Assist the Human Resources department in the recruitment and selection of staff for the Orbis team

Assist the Head to provide oversight and direction to employees within the department in accordance with the Company's policies and procedures.

Act as a coach and mentor to assist with developing employees. This includes overseeing new employee onboarding and providing career development planning and opportunities to employees within the department.

Delegate tasks and encourage employees to provide regular feedback and be accountable for their responsibilities. 

Assist in creating a workplace culture that is in line with the Company's culture and that emphasizes the mission, vision, guiding principles, and values of the Company.

Ensure that employees meet the Company's expectations for productivity, quality, continuous improvement, and goal accomplishment.

Work with the Head to ensure that communication is transparent within the department, by communicating department information through department meetings, one-on-one meetings, and appropriate email, WhatsApp messages, and regular interpersonal communication.

Assist the Head to manage employees by using a performance management and development process that provides an overall context and framework to encourage employee contribution.  This includes goal setting, performance feedback, performance development planning, employee recognition, rewards, and disciplinary action, with the assistance of the Human Resources department, when necessary


Accountability in all aspects of health and safety relevant to their operation through demonstration and leadership. 

Ensuring that all employees understand that the violation of established safe work practices is the violation of company rules. 

The promotion of proper use and care of protective equipment on each job. 

The prompt reporting of all injuries within (1) hour to the HSSEQ Team Leader or designated Site HSSEQ Coordinator/Representative. 

The conducting of routine health and safety inspections of his/her area for unsafe conditions, also ensuring the proper use and maintenance of protective equipment. 

The initiation and forwarding of all necessary incident reports to the HSSEQ Team Leader or designated Site HSSEQ Coordinator/Representative such as: Incident Reports, Near Miss Reports, Unsafe Conditions etc. 

Follow and maintain Company standards of Quality in accordance with Company Quality System requirements 


Enjoyable to work with - especially with direct team members.

Highly reliable - your supervisor and co-workers must have confidence that when assigned a task, you will get it done in a timely manner with a high quality of work.

Management of time and tasks – can work on multiple tasks, meet KPIs, reorganize and work on high priority tasks, handover tasks when going on leave.

Technical Analysis of requests - quickly process and understand requests, identify where external assistance is needed, document concisely and clearly what is required, plan how to respond.

Problem solving - suggest recommended actions rather than just ask for help, come up with innovative ideas, pre-emptively identify issues with existing procedures and implement solutions.

Quality Assurance – Quickly picks up technical errors, typos, issues with sentence construction, gaps in logic, incorrect or missing pricing, whilst reviewing requests, quotes and technical proposals

Teamwork and Emotional Intelligence - work well with others in the department, work well with other departments, build mutual trust and respect, develop strong professional relationships with others in the company, display emotional intelligence when dealing with others.

MS Office - Intermediate to Advance in the use of MS Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Teams.


Physical demand - Work from home.

May attend virtual or in-person conferences, workshops, meetings, etc.

Will be required to be on site visits from time to time (office, listings, etc).

Foreign travel is possible.

DEADLINE: October 14th, 2021

Interested persons can submit their applications to our office at 23 Brickdam, Stabroek Georgetown or via our website www.eldoradooffshore.com. Or via email recruitment.gy@eldoradooffshore.com