Georgetown, Guiana


The Team Lead – Clearance will be responsible for planning and supervision of the daily import and export operations to ensure efficiency and all shipments are actioned in a timely manner. 


1. Managing workflow by planning and coordinating all import and export of cargo.

2. Creating and managing team schedules (daily and weekly)         

3. Update all clearance schedule for wharves in Georgetown, Ogle, Timehri in real time.

4. Facilitating training of new hires and evaluating performance and providing feedback.         

5. Helping to resolve employee issues and disputes.         

6. Identifying and applying career advancement opportunities.         

7. Oversee the transportation for client’s cargo to ensure there are no delays and all Health and Safety procedures are maintained.

8. Compile daily Key Performance Indicators (KPI) report and the pre-planning reports.        

9. Ensure all Customs over time is completed in a timely manner.

10. Ensure all Operations Coordinators receive all proof of deliveries (POD’s) from Clearance Clerks.

11. Ensure Toolbox and Safety meetings are conducted daily with the department.

12. Ensure all Operations Coordinator and Client Operations Representative (CORs) are updated with their duties and responsibilities.         

13. Advise Operations Coordinator and CORs on the process to follow when any queries or issues arise.

14. Arrange with the fumigation company for fumigation of cargo if required.

15. Ensure International Air Transport Association (IATA) dangerous goods regulations are followed for all imports and exports.

16. Ensuring International Maritime Dangerous Goods or (IMDG) dangerous goods regulations are followed for all imports and exports.

17. Any other duties that may be required.


A Degree in Management or related field.

At minimum of one year’s experience in a similar capacity

Knowledge of the shipping and brokerage industries.

Proficient in Microsoft Office Suite.


Supervise the positions Clearance Clerks, Operations Coordinator and Transport Coordinator and performance Supervisory duties as listed above. 


Accountability in all aspects of health and safety relevant to his/her operation through demonstration and leadership. 

Ensuring that all employees understand that the violation of established safe work practices is the violation of company rules. 

The promotion of proper use and care of protective equipment on each job. 

The prompt reporting of all injuries within (1) hour to the HSSEF Manager or designated Site HSSEF Coordinator/Representative. 

The conducting of routine health and safety inspections of his/her area for unsafe conditions, also ensuring the proper use and maintenance of         protective equipment. 

The initiation and forwarding of all necessary incident reports to the HSSEF Manager or designated Site HSSEF Coordinator/Representative         such as: Incident Reports, Near Miss Reports, Unsafe Conditions etc. 

Follow and maintain Company standards of Quality in accordance with Company Quality System requirements 


Enjoyable to work with - especially with direct team members.

Highly reliable - your supervisor and co-workers must have confidence that when assigned a task, you will get it done in a timely manner with a         high quality of work.

Management of time and tasks – can work on multiple tasks, meet KPIs, reorganize and work on high priority tasks, handover tasks when going         on leave.

Attention to details -Be able to fix small types of oversight before a task is completed.

Strong Communication Skills – Be able to communicate effectively with personnel’s internal and external.


Physical demand – Work from Office

May attend virtual or in-person workshops, meetings, Conferences, etc.

May need to visit Ports and Client facilities