Georgetown, Guyana


The Marine Operations Coordinator is responsible for the coordination of vessel movements, unloading and loading of materials utilized in an offshore drilling campaign. 


1. Manage the coordination of the unloading and loading of cargo by verifying:

Cargo to be loaded, and ensuring there is clear understanding of what cargo will be loaded from the Cargo Marshalling Stroage Yard (CMSY) and if there is any offsite cargo to be staged. Ensure all loading discrepancies are resolved before the vessel get to the port by liaising with the manifestors. Leaving only weights to be checked for each unit when loading begins.

Cargo to be discharged before actual discharged by checking the cargo onboard as per inbound manifest relaying all discrepancies to the manifestor.

Cargo to remain onboard as floating storage cargo. 

Bulk cargo onboard with the vessel Bridge or engineer. 

Sign and send out the verified manifest immediately after the operations and upload to the one drive.

2. Ensure all vessel movement arrangements are made 6-8 hours prior to movement by:

Informing lighthouse and linesmen as required 

Sending out the vessel update email. 

Ensuring pilot booking forms is completed for vessel movements, clearly stating if pilot is required or not. 

Maintain vessel movement log

3. Prepare customs reporting and clearance documents for: 

Coastal Clearance i.e. transires, Application to Unload/Load at a sufferance wharf (C12), Request for extra attendance of officers (C43) 

International Clearance i.e. Reporting Document (C4), Ship and bad order list document (C6), Application to amend by addition (C7), Application to amend by addition (C8), Application to Unload/Load at a sufferance wharf (C12), Content-Ship Document (C16), Clearance for steamship (C18), Request for extra attendance of officers (C43), Port Health and Immigrations and Customs documents.

Fueling of vessels i.e. – Application to Unload/Load at a sufferance wharf (C12), Permit to ship stores (C28), Request for extra attendance of officers (C43), Transires or Reporting Document (C4)

4. Make Payments to and Uplift Receipts From All Government Agencies by:

Reporting and clearing - coastally and Internationally 

Permit to ship stores 

Customs Overtime

Full Marad and Light Dues Payments

“In Water” Permit Payments

Helideck Permit Payments 

Ensure that all Receipts, Permits and/ or Documents are handed over to the Marine Admin. Clerk for filing

5. Assist with preparing Key Performance Indicators reports when assigned

6. Any Other Duties that may be Required


A minimum of a diploma in a technical field of study 

A minimum of two (2) years experience in a Freight or Brokerage role. 

Knowledge of dangerous cargo will be an asset 

Knowledge Marine/ Wharf Operations


Observe all health and safety rules and regulations.

Stop all work if any unsafe conditions exist or unsafe practices are observed

Report any unsafe conditions or practices to your Team Lead. 

Understand how to perform jobs assigned in accordance with operating procedures and/or work instructions.

Do not undertake any job you do not understand – ask your immediate Team Lead once there is any doubt.

Wear and use all safety equipment required to ensure the safe execution of the specific job

Participate in mandatory toolbox meetings, safety meetings and training sessions (internal and/or external) as required. 

Report all incidents immediately to your Team Lead.

Cooperate during incident investigations so that the incident causes can be determined, and corrective action taken; and

Tag and Report any and all defective tools or equipment immediately.

Follow and maintain Company standards of Quality in accordance with Company Quality System requirements.

Adhere to the guidelines stated in the Policy Manual.


Strong communication and collaboration skills 

Ability to multitask 

Ability to adapt to dynamic environment 

Ability to pay attention to detail 


Enjoyable to work with - especially with direct team members.

Highly reliable - your supervisor and co-workers must have confidence that when assigned a task, you will get it done in a timely manner with a high quality of work.

Management of time and tasks – can work on multiple tasks, meet KPIs, reorganize and work on high priority tasks, handover tasks when going on leave.

Technical Analysis of requests - quickly process and understand requests, identify where external assistance is needed, document concisely and clearly what is required, plan how to respond.

Problem solving - suggest recommended actions rather than just ask for help, come up with innovative ideas, pre-emptively identify issues with existing procedures and implement solutions.

Quality Assurance – Quickly picks up technical errors, typos, issues with sentence construction, gaps in logic, incorrect or missing pricing, whilst reviewing requests, quotes and technical proposals

Teamwork and Emotional Intelligence - work well with others in the department, work well with other departments, build mutual trust and respect, develop strong professional relationships with others in the company, display emotional intelligence when dealing with others.

MS Office - Intermediate to Advance in the use of MS Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Teams.


Physical demand – Office and field work 

May attend virtual or in-person conferences, workshops, meetings, etc.

Will be required to be on site visits from time to time (shore base, ports, vessels, etc).