Maintenance Operator

Georgetown, Guiana

The Maintenance Operator will exhibit a high standard of safety behavior while carrying out Engine Room maintenance and Engine Room system operation. He/she may be expected to perform maintenance, welding, machining, pipe and mechanical fitting and related activities. Depending on his/her qualifications, he/she acts as the Junior Watchkeeper.


  • Prepare marine Engine Room and Utility Systems for start-up.

  • Start and monitor marine Engine Room and Utility Systems.

  • Prepare and shutdown marine Engine Room and Utility Systems.

  • Follow operational and safety procedures in all aspects of work.

  • 1 Isolate and reinstate marine Engine Room and Utility Systems for Maintenance.    

  • Perform scheduled and unplanned maintenance safely and effectively under PTW Risk Assessment and Management System procedures.

  • Ensure work is correctly and accurately identified, recorded, and communicated.

  • Perform general maintenance, greasing, cleaning, filter changing and housekeeping.

  • The Maintenance operator may be required to correctly operate a Lathe, Milling and Shaping Machines, Gas Arc and or Plasma cutting.

  •  Maintain all portable power tools to limit of responsibility. (No; electrical’ work unless accredited by the electrical department).

  • Ensure that any controlled process discharges from area of responsibility to the environment are within prescribed limits.

  • Identify and halt any unplanned (gas or liquid discharges where possible, and reported immediately according to policy, procedure, and regulation.

  • Deal with equipment, waste, or other materials for disposal according to the correct procedure.

  • Do not waste resources such as PPE, stock items, materials, tools or spare parts.

  • Carry out Emergency Response role.

  • Show competence during drills and exercises.


  • 3 years’ experience in shipping as a watch keeping Engine Room rating, STCW Reg. AIII/4, or EOOW STCW Reg. AIII/1 OR general maintenance skills including fitting, and Coded Welding qualification.  

  • VLCC /Large Seagoing Vessel Engine Room or FPSO operations experience desirable.

  • Medically fit to offshore international standards such as ENG1 or equivalent.