Farm Manager

Georgetown, Guayana

As the Farm Manager, you will oversee and manage all farming operations at our farm located in Region 10, Guyana. You will be responsible for planning, coordinating, and executing all agricultural activities to ensure optimal productivity and sustainability. This position requires you to live on-site to maintain close and effective oversight of all farm projects.

Key Responsibilities

·        Operations Management: Oversee the day-to-day operations of the farm, including crop and livestock production, irrigation, fertilization, pest control, and harvesting.

·        Staff Supervision: Manage and supervise farm workers, providing direction, training, and support to ensure efficient and effective operations.

·        Project Planning: Develop and implement farming projects that align with the overall goals and objectives of the farm.

·        Resource Management: Monitor and manage the use of farm resources, including land, equipment, and supplies, to maximize efficiency and productivity.

·        Financial Oversight: Prepare and manage budgets, track expenses, and ensure cost-effective operations.

·        Compliance and Safety: Ensure all farming activities comply with local laws and regulations, including health and safety standards.

·        Sustainability Practices: Implement sustainable farming practices to promote environmental conservation and long-term viability.

·        Problem Solving: Address and resolve any issues or challenges that arise on the farm promptly and effectively.

Qualifications and Requirements

·        Educational Background: Must possess a degree in Agricultural Science or a similar qualification related to Farming or Agriculture.

·        Experience: Proven experience in farm management or a related field, with a strong understanding of agricultural practices and principles.

·        Residence Requirement: Required to live on the farm to provide hands-on management and oversight of all farming projects.

·        Skills and Abilities:

o   Strong leadership and management skills.

o   Excellent organizational and planning abilities.

o   Good communication and interpersonal skills.

o   Ability to work independently and make informed decisions.

o   Proficiency in using farm management software and tools.

Working Conditions


·        The Farm Manager will be provided with on-site accommodation.

·        This role requires a commitment to living and working in a rural setting.

·        Flexibility in working hours is necessary to meet the demands of farm operations.