 Commissioning Manager  Commissioning Lead  Commissioning Instrumentation, Control and Automation Engineer  Commissioning Electrical Engineer  Commissioning Telecommunication Engineer  Commissioning Mechanical &HVAC Engineer  Commissioning Mechanical &HVAC Supervisors  Commissioning Instrumentation Technicians  Commissioning Electrical Technicians  Commissioning Telecommunication Technician  Commissioning Mechanical &HVAC Technicians  Completion Specialist  Completion Data Clerks

Cunupia, Trinidad and Tobago


 EDO TT  is interested in adding suitable qualified personnel to our talent base. We are therefore inviting candidates to submit their CV and  Certificates for the following positions:


l  Commissioning Manager

l  Commissioning Lead

l  Commissioning Instrumentation, Control and Automation Engineer

l  Commissioning Electrical Engineer

l  Commissioning Telecommunication Engineer

l  Commissioning Mechanical &HVAC Engineer

l  Commissioning Mechanical &HVAC Supervisors

l  Commissioning Instrumentation Technicians

l  Commissioning Electrical Technicians

l  Commissioning Telecommunication Technician

l  Commissioning Mechanical &HVAC Technicians

l  Completion Specialist

l  Completion Data Clerks



Please send resumes and supporting certificates to recruitment.tt@eldoradooffshore.com deadline of submission 10th June 2023.



Location: Trinidad