Pipe Fitter

Georgetown, Guyana

Ensure the performance of Pipe Fitting activities following foreman instructions and in accordance with safety and quality standards.


·        Perform pipe fitting activities in accordance with safety and quality requirements

·        Follow daily instructions given by foreman

·        Perform pipe cutting, beveling and fitting activities, piping prefabrication, installation and assembly activities

·        Ensure pipe fitting activities are carried out according to approved drawings and specifications

·        Verify the equipment, tools and materials are in good safe operating condition and report anomalies.

·        Ensure coordination with the adjacent works to minimize coactivities and eliminate unsafe activities.

·        Follow the permit to work statement

·        Ensure the housekeeping of location.


  • Minimum of 3 years Similar Experience

  • Technical Certificates in Fitting and Machining

  • Good Command of the English Language.

  • Adaptable, Conducive and Comprehensive.