Procurement Coordinator

Georgetown, Guyana

Welcome to an exciting opportunity as a Procurement Coordinator! Join our dynamic team and play a crucial role in managing the Logistics and Materials Management process for EPC projects within the country. As the interface between the Logistics Manager/Lead and the Contractor organization, you'll be instrumental in ensuring seamless logistics execution. Collaborate with the Engineering, Procurement, and Construction (EPC) teams to provide vital support for all project deliverables. If you're ready to contribute your expertise to a thriving environment, apply now for this rewarding position!.


• Support Logistics Manager/Lead with Logistics and Materials Management expertise, interfacing with Contractor Logistics and Materials Management personnel
• Interface with and influence project disciplines to ensure logistics/materials management considerations are included in design and project plan
• Interface with procurement to understand and influence contracting, materials management, logistics plan for deliveries and customs procedures
• Develop an understanding of local transport and in-country logistics capabilities and capacities
• Develop logistics elements of bid requirements, monitor KPIs, and coordinate progress reporting and materials management requirements
• Familiarity with Logistics Contractors and resources in worldwide markets
• Coordinate process to pre-qualify, approve, and reevaluate Logistics Contractors
• Develop project and discipline specific work scope for Contractors
• Strong understanding of the capabilities and limitations of Logistics Contractors
• Interface with Logistics Manager/Lead and Construction to keep them informed of the qualifications and capabilities of relevant Contractors
• Interface with Contractors to ensure safety, quality, availability, and reliability of logistics execution
• Qualify and endorse Contractor equipment and services
• Identify, qualify, and endorse vendor support infrastructure
• General knowledge of local and national environmental and regulatory requirements

Job Description

• Interface with other Logistics Coordinators, Leads, Advisors and project planning teams to understand and resolve logistics issues
• Ensure that the EPC Contractor has issued necessary Purchase Order (POs) in accordance with the published project schedule and Required On Site (ROS) dates and that the EPC Contractor verifies that the vendor has received and agrees to comply with the PO terms
• Verify that the delivery documentation is complete, consistent and adequate and in accordance with the PO terms
• Ensure that the materials specification delivered by the vendor is according to PO terms
• Ensure that any changes to the Purchase Order terms are validated through the Project Management Team (PMT)
• Ensure that the EPC issues a weekly report showing the status of all POs issued to date paying particular attention to ROS dates and Project Schedule. This report will show transport, receiving, customs clearing, storage and issuing of materials to the line item level. It will also show all exemption or exceptions and rejected materials
• Ensure all materials received are stored in a safe and secure facility and that the preservation code addressed in the PO has been applied
• Ensure that the EPC complies with the PO and that each item delivered to the storage facility is adequately marked for easy traceability
• Reports all Overage, Shortage and Damaged (OS&D) of the received materials to the PMT
•  Create a file and maintain adequate records of each major transaction/shipment/PO

• Keep a Materials Issue Report Register

Must Have


• 5-10 years’ experience in logistics planning and execution, construction, safety, and procurement
• BS in Engineering, Construction Management, or other Technical degree
• Ability to calculate figures and amounts such as discounts, interest, commissions, proportions, percentages, area, and volume.
• Ability to apply concepts of basic algebra and geometry.

• Willing to business travel (domestic/overseas) to project sites to provide functional support.

**Planned night shift position