Senior Structural Engineer-SACS

Georgetown, Guyana

As a (senior) Structural Engineer, you will design, calculate and model the most unique constructions worldwide and make and check detailed calculations of (connections in) the steel constructions. You will have face to face contact with the customer and the projects are anything but standard. Sometimes you will work on a large-scale project and other times on smaller projects. In any case: it is a function in which you will enjoy a lot of responsibility and will be continuously challenged. If you like complex issues and variety in your work, then this is the very best position for you.

The successful candidate must possess the following:

·       Higher education degree or Bachelor of Science/Master of Science degree in Civil Engineering and five to ten years of work experience.

·       Experience in Offshore projects in the Oil & Gas and/or Wind industry.

·       Experience with SACS.

·       Passion for technically complex issues and eagerness to explore the limits of what is technically possible to come up with the very best solutions.

·       Challenge or problem solving skills.

·       Enthusiasm and drive are just as important as your knowledge and creativity.

·       Standing still is not an option for you: you take initiative and share your ideas concerning opportunities or areas for improvement.


“Successful candidates may be stationed in the Netherlands”