Site Security Contact -Onshore

Georgetown, Guyana

SThe primary responsibilities of the role include stewarding the Site Security Activity Plan (SSAP), conducting Security Program Reviews and Surveys, overseeing the Security Gap Tracker (SGT), ensuring compliance with EMGL Security procedures, and providing leadership in emergency response planning and drills. The role also involves monitoring security situations, advising on security responses during emergencies, overseeing the guard force, and maintaining security equipment and inventory lists. Key performance indicators (KPIs) include effective management of the SSAP, providing security recommendations, overseeing access control procedures, managing the Security Guard Force program, producing accurate reports and surveys, utilizing reporting tools, and contributing to the Security Gap Tracking process.


Provide EMGL Security oversight for applicable sites, facilities, work areas, and residential locations.

Follow security procedures and protocols, including internal reporting requirements.

Implement EM GS Security systems, including the SSAP, SPR program, and SGT.

Report and record all security-related incidents and threats to the Supervisor.

Provide security emergency response advice and leadership during security emergencies.

Adhere to the EMGL Values and Behavior Framework, demonstrating commitment to safety, security, environment, integrity, teamwork, and excellence.

When approved by the Supervisor, additional responsibilities include liaising with external security professionals, Community Affairs representatives for threat identification and task planning, and local communities for threat identification. KPIs include effective stewardship of the SSAP, security recommendations, access control procedures, oversight of the Security Guard Force program, production of accurate reports and surveys, utilization of reporting tools, and contribution to the Security Gap Tracking process through regular meetings with relevant stakeholders.

Must Have

·        Maintaining professional composure consistently.

·        Ability to collaborate effectively with individuals from diverse ethnicities and nationalities, demonstrating cultural sensitivity and awareness.

·        Mentorship skills.

·        Valid Driving License.

·        Background in a security-related area/field/role.

·        Security or instructional certificates.

·        Experience in the military, police, or as a current/former security professional.

·        Commercial security experience.

·        Advanced Driver Certificates, including Smith Systems Driver or Safe Driver Training (SDT).

·        Completion of a Close Protection course and/or relevant experience.

·        First Aid qualification.

·        Experience in investigations.

·        Risk appreciation/identification and reduction skills.

·        Proven oral, written, and active-listening skills.

·        Highly effective organizational, time management, and analytical skills.

·        Knowledge of basic worksite safety systems.

·        Competency in MS Word, PowerPoint, Excel, One Note, and SharePoint.

·        Demonstrated commitment to SSHE (Safety, Security, Health, and Environment)