Tally Clerk

Cunupia, Trinidad and Tobago

Tally Clerks play a pivotal role in inventory management and logistics, primarily in warehouse and distribution environments. They are responsible for accurately recording incoming and outgoing goods, maintaining inventory databases, and ensuring the smooth flow of goods through the supply chain.


·       Recording and documenting incoming and outgoing shipments, including verifying quantities, descriptions, and condition of goods.

·       Using computerized or manual systems to input data, update inventory records, and generate reports as required.

·       Performing regular stock checks and reconciling physical inventory with database records to identify discrepancies or shortages.

·       Communicating with warehouse staff, suppliers, and transportation companies to coordinate receiving and shipping activities.

·       Labelling and tagging goods with appropriate identification codes or tracking information for easy retrieval and monitoring.



Education & Experience:

·       High school diploma or equivalent qualification.

·       Previous experience in warehouse operations, inventory management, or clerical roles preferred.

·       Proficiency in computer skills, including data entry, spreadsheet software, and inventory management systems.

·       Familiarity with inventory control principles and procedures, including stock counting and reconciliation.

·       Attention to detail and accuracy, ability to work under pressure and excellent communication skills, both verbal and written.